In the video below (posted by FOX news) you will see first hand what “racism” is all about. In this video (embedded below), Georgia GOP county chairman, Tom Worthan, was secretly caught making racist comments about a black candidate. It is not the first time he has done this and his attempts to explain away his racist behaviour includes, according to him, the fact that he is a “politician who needs to do this to get votes” and that he has “many black friends, Hispanic friends…”. Having black friends is different from having black people around you whom you actively work to undermine their growth and prosperity.

Much of what we term racism today is the superficial layer of a problem that has several layers like the onion. This first layer (racism) exists to protect the innermost layer(s) which is the focal point and real motivation for discriminations along racial lines.

This first layer (racism), is the rallying call needed by the few supremacists in order to form a significant mass or body of people needed to effectively pursue a movement that seeks to “enslave” another. In every art of dominance or conquest, especially that which seeks to dominate an entire race or group of people, numbers is key. The force or power needed to dominate is often provided by numbers. So, to drag along members of their “race” into their discriminatory causes, supremacists (including dictators and mass murderers), will first develop a narrative that divides people along certain traits (for example race). Such narratives will include talks about a race being superior to another (as in the case of Hitler and Nazi Germany and the Aryan race). Dictators and mass murderers then follow this up with a narrative that demeans the intended subject, making them less equal to other humans (or the elevated race). This makes the race discriminated against deserving of treatments that are not fit for humans (or the elevated race). This is where profiling comes into play. What profiling does is to ensure that members of the discriminated race are presented in bad light, often depicted as having a bad trait, behaviour or attitude. You will see all of these attitude in the video below, albeit subtle. Once this process is complete, (a critical racist mass is attained and the negative narrative about the “lower race” is believed by this mass), invasion and dehumanization of the “lower” or demonized race (by the supremacist and his ilk) becomes easy and inevitable.

The second layer (which is the core) is more about resource control and wealth. Fewer individuals, including members of the supremacists’ race, unfortunately, are allowed access into the “hallowed inner chamber or core”. Members of the supremacist’s movement who are not in this core are promised membership of this inner core, predicated on how well they do in championing the cause of the supremacist (which is the overpowering of their common subject and unlawful acquisition of power and wealth). This close proximity to the inner core (of power and influence) is often times enough promise for many who find themselves on the lower ranks of the supremacist’s agenda.

In summary, racism is not just informed by skin colour, it is triggered by the quest to maintain a balance that ensures one remains the master and another remains a subject (power and wealth forms the core of racism). You can halt racism by denying supremacists the numbers they need to form that significant mass through refusing to join their movements. You can also fight racism by refusing to propagate negative stereotypes about people you have never taken time to study or understand. Finally, you can stop racism by speaking up, like the man who captured this video did.


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