This is the most convincing evidence yet, that Jesus and Mary could be African in origin. Could this be the reason the Bible stated he was lowly and came in a way no one expected at the time?

In the video below you will see two popes (Frances and Benedict) kneeling in veneration to the Black image of a mother and child in Vatican. The Image in Vatican is curiously Black yet other images commonly seen in catholic churches in Africa and outside of the Vatican appear White.

It is no coincidence that this particular  image is Black though. Several other images littered across Europe have curiously similar features – they are Black! In this videos below, it is further explained in detail, the various places the same Black image of the mother and child (Mary and Jesus) were sighted (and still can be found) across Europe.

There is definitely more in the history of the Black woman and the Black race then we are made to believe or understand.



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