A celebration of L ve

~ “JoVic” ~


 In the knowledge of his love, strengthened by the eternal conviction of his ever abiding grace, we have wholly submitted ourselves in faith to this sacred union.

Though imperfect in our mortal make-up, we are buoyed by this seed of love between us,  which  beyond all doubt, beyond every struggle and contemplation, will coast us home to our blessed eternal end.

~ Josephine Onyeche (Jo)

In my sojourn through life, one thing have I always asked, that when all the chips are down, I will look back with gratitude, that indeed my life was worth the while.

Today, I look at our end from this great new beginning with you, with my mind laid to rest… ‘cos you are more than worth my while. Onyeche! bone of my bones, rest, indeed I have found with you.

~ Victor Elagbaje (Vic)


The Families Of

Chief Simon Ejembi Akpojah of Akpewo, in Ohimini LGA, Benue State, Nigeria


Mr Jubilee Oinoko Oono of Upu, in Otukpo LGA, Benue State, Nigeria

Cordially requests the pleasure of your company

At the marriage of their children

Josephine Onyeche & Victor Elagbaje


12:00 mid-day on Friday, 10th June 2016

at Chief Simon Ejembi Akpojah’s compound, Akpewo, Agadagba in Ohimini L.G.A, Otukpo

10:00 am on Saturday, 11th June 2016

at Norcross Memorial Methodist Cathedral, Number 9/13 Federal Road Otukpo,

Benue State, Nigeria

Golden Palm Resort & Hotel, 

Number 3 Old Otobi Road, G.R.A Otukpo

Peach, Lemon green & Blue

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  1. Mr FC 2 years ago

    Hi Sir Vic, now you will receive true love from God.
    Congrats my man.
    God will make the wedding very successful and memorable.

  2. victor 2 years ago

    Thanks for your kind words FC

  3. Idoga Ameh 2 years ago

    My dear friend, Victor, I’m glad that you found love. My prayer for you both is that the fire that ignites this passion of love will continue to burn until the ultimate call. May God bless your union. And thanks for the background music. It is awesome!

    Idoga Ameh

  4. Adaji 2 years ago

    Happy married life. I pray dat you find fulfilment as you step into the new life.

    • victor 2 years ago

      Thanks sir !

  5. Anugwa Ibezim 2 years ago

    Congratulations Victor, may the riches and blessings that come with marriage be yours. God bless your union. The best is yet to come in your life.
    I found myself writing down the words from the background music, I am going to sing it to my wife. Thanks.
    “I didn’t know where I was going, until that day that I found you……I do cherish you for the rest of my life….. I will love you still from the depths of my soul, it’s beyond my control. If you are still asking if I love you this much… Yes, I do!”

    • victor 2 years ago

      Lol….. you are invited !…. And I hope madam loves the song

  6. Ademola Adenuga 2 years ago

    Congratulations Victor and Josephine. Wishing you all all marital bliss

  7. Idowu Odumboni 2 years ago

    Hey Vic, congrats buddy! I wish you both marital bliss. This will be the beginning of greater things in your life.

  8. Idoko Jacob Ochuma 2 years ago

    Baba Aramco! What can I say? Where do I start ? First things first, congratulations and May the almighty God who has brought you this far, continue to bless you and favour you beyond measure. I am so so happy for you and God in His infinite mercy will bless this Union and continue to prosper you. May Ojo Ajogwu kebutu makwun continue to bless you. You are a good man Victor. Take care bro. Dr Idoko Jacob Ochuma, PhD, AMIChemE, MAIChemE

  9. Oleho Austin 2 years ago

    Victor & Josephine,
    Congrats in advance. Wishing a blissful marriage

  10. Raphael Ogbe 1 year ago

    Congrats my brother. Now you are settled maritally. I wish you marital bliss. To God be the glory. Raf. Ogbe.

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